Galaxy Greens

A Clean, Growing Process

Galaxy Greens is a cannabis company that completely hydroponically grows their product without soil. They wanted a simple, clean website that keeps in line with their desire for clean, naturally grown cannabis.


Budding Prospects

Fresh into the cannabis industry, Galaxy Greens was trying something different from other operations, with truely full hydroponic growing for its cannabis. With the need for a logo and website, quality mattered while still keeping an eye on a smaller, startup budget.

Green and Social

Galaxy Greens had an active instagram account before the website was developed, so we wanted to stream their beautiful images into the main site, so there will always be fresh content.

Custom, responsive content

We made our own icons that follow their clean aesthetic to ensure they stood out. The entire was built with mobile and responsiveness first. All interactions are smooth even on older mobile hardware. 


Featured Projects

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