Not Your Typical Blunt

Kingston Blunts sought to set itself apart by offering tobacco & cannabis cigars. For the smoking connesiour, Kingston wanted to not be associated with the typical ideas of cannabis culture. We were happy to work with them on branding and their website revamp to help keep it classy.

Stay Focused

The most popular sellers are up front and center, with all the information right on the front page. Large product photos were key to sell the quality of the product, so all the shop galleries and product images are the focus with few distractions and some explorable bits of interactivity.


Mark of Quality

The website is completely responsive, with newsletter signups and a mailing list for exclusive discounts. We were tasked with designing a site and expanding their branding off their iconic Kingston mark. We designed a badge with character and elegance to match their products quality.


Eager and Enthusiastic

Eager and Enthusiastic

“When I first contacted Scott and team, I loved their enthusiasm for what we were building. We had a tight budget and needed to get the website up quickly. Their passion for new startup products shows, and we continued to work with them after the project was completed. I really appreciated how they managed and simplified the whole development process with an eye towards user experience. Thank you, Weed Websites!”

-Diana Hanes, Kingston Sales & Marketing

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